workstation desk chairsPossibly the single greatest and most important decision you face when shopping for and selecting computer workstation desks is the workstation desk chair. After all, the office chair where your employees could potentially spend the majority of their day, so selecting a computer chair that allows your employees to do their jobs while remaining relatively comfortable is of utmost importance. This is not a decision to take lightly.

There are many different types and styles of workstation desk chairs, from simple arm chairs with swivel wheels to high-back leather corporate chairs that recline in comfort. Each one has important features. Swivel wheels allow employees to move around within their space with greater ease. If you have elected for large computer workstation desks, then a computer chair that can slide from one section of the desk to another would be a real plus. Many office chairs are highly adjustable, allowing the employee to set the seat height, back height, and even the way the chair swivels or reclines. Choosing a fixed computer chair could be seen as low quality by prospective employees and might make your current employees less happy and less productive. There are many materials to choose from, including high-end leather corporate chairs, cloth upholstered office chairs, or economic plastic computer chairs.

A popular trend is an increase in ergonomic desk chairs that offer superior back support. Though many ergonomic desk chairs on the market can be quite pricey, if your employees spend a good deal of time at their computer workstation desks, then back support might be an important consideration. These ergonomic desk chairs have been specially designed with back support and other features in mind that provide the ultimate in comfort for your employees.

And of course don’t forget about your customers, they can’t stand the entire time they’re in your office. Selecting office chairs for your customers who are waiting in the reception area or are meeting with your employees is equally as important. Hopefully your customers won’t be stuck in your office all day, but for the time they are there, their comfort should be considered.

A good rule of thumb for workstation desk chairs is to buy the most expensive ones you can afford at the time, and cut costs in other areas. This is especially true if your business is such that employees will be sitting at their computer workstation desks for a majority of their day. The office chair is one area of office furniture you do not want to skimp on.