Computer Desks

computer desksComputer workstation desks come in all shapes and sizes to meet a wide range of needs and uses. Computer desks are also made in a variety of materials, from hardwood to particle board, from metal to plastic. The shape and set-up of the computer desks also plays a large role in the way it will be used, and proper typing position should be taken into consideration when determining how workstations will be set up.

Proper typing position is important when designing a computer desk. A computer desk should be at an appropriate height for the chair used so that the person sitting at the computer workstation desk can type comfortably. Proper typing position reduces stress on your wrists and forearms. A computer desk should be flat and allow the user to comfortably reach the computer keyboard while keeping their arms bent at the elbows, but not bending or straining the wrists or forearms. The computer monitor should be positioned at eye level while the user is seated, so they are neither straining their neck up or down while working. Whether it is an employee workstation with several different areas such as a place for the computer, another for filing, and a different place for storage of other workstation materials such as paper and pens . . . or a simple student desk or home office set-up, a computer desk should always be designed with the proper typing position in mind.

The set-up of the computer desk and the materials used to make the workstation are also dependent on the proposed use of the desk. A small plastic student’s desk would seem very out of place in the large corner office of a high-powered CEO. Likewise, a stately hand-carved wood computer desk would be too extravagant in a telecommuter’s home office. And an executive secretary or project manager might need the versatility of a large computer workstation desk set-up in “L” position, allowing for multiple tasks such as computer or paperwork to be in progress at the same time, while space constraints can be answered with a small corner or a-frame desk.