Installing Office Furniture

installing office furnitureInstalling office furniture such as computer workstation desks, office chairs, filing cabinets and more is a big business. All companies from the largest Fortune 500s to the smallest one-man offices need to set up desks and office chairs for their employees.

Considering all the planning and labor that goes in to the set up of a new office — from designing the layout to selecting the individual pieces to actually installing the office furniture — its no wonder that new office build-outs are such a booming business.

The first step in the set up of a new office is to design the layout you would like for your new office. While giving every employee a private office would be nice, a more efficient use of expensive office space is to give top-ranking CEOs their private corner office, and provide the rest of your employees with computer workstation desks.

While considering the layout, remember to think about all aspects of your business. Do you need a grand computer workstation desk for several receptionists, or will a small desk and office chair suffice? How many conference rooms and private offices do you need? How will customers and employees flow through the space? Do you need areas for printers and copy machines? Don’t forget about a break room or kitchen. Computer layout for your employees is an important factor in choosing the right computer workstation desk; will your employees use large desktop setups with multiple screens, or would smaller desks with laptop hookups be more appropriate? And ignoring ADA compliance or fire codes regarding square feet per employee can land you in hot water, or at least force you to start the entire process over again.

These are just the planning stages; you still need to worry about picking out the individual pieces of furniture you will use as well as which type of computer workstation desk, office chairs or filing cabinets you will select. Then, the massive job of actually installing the office furniture and doing the physical set-up and build-out of your space comes next. When you think about all that must be considered when installing office furniture, its easy to see why many companies choose to hire professionals who can help in the design, layout, set-up and eventual installation of your new office furniture.